Promotion Online casino

Online casino promotion is associated with many difficulties. High competition in this sphere requires complex and effective solutions, and the law restricts these solutions. We will tell you how to promote an online casino and avoid sanctions in this article.

Specifics of gaming website promotion

In many countries, casino advertising is regulated more strictly than usual, and in some countries it is prohibited altogether. The rules are blurred, and violations are fraught with administrative or criminal liability. Therefore, casino promotion requires the work of experienced and legally savvy specialists.

Why is it important? Compare the 2 slogans:

  • “We have the highest coefficients”;
  • “Thanks to our high odds you will get a high profit”.

The first one can be used, and the second one cannot. According to the law, it “creates the impression that participation in games is a source of income”. Penalty.

Digital agency has experience in promoting online casinos and bookmakers. Detailed instructions are available in the article “SEO promotion of websites in prohibited topics”.

How to promote an online casino?

Due to the high competition, online casino promotion should be comprehensive. We have selected the most reliable and effective tools for the marketing strategy of the gambling business.

SEO promotion of online casinos

The website is ready, the software is purchased, the license is issued. You launch, but after a while you realize that no one enters the casino, except for your employees and people who have a direct link. The fact is that your website is not visible in Google.

In search results, online casinos compete not only with other similar platforms but also with bookmakers, sweepstakes, and lotteries. To attract customers, it is necessary to launch a powerful promotion of the gaming theme. The best option is to start with thematic low-frequency queries.

Before promoting an online casino, an SEO optimizer works on the structure of the website itself. It is necessary that visitors not only visit the site but also become customers. To do this, the specialist issues a technical task to improve the structure, usability, design, and content of the resource.


Affiliate programs

Affiliate program is the placement of advertising materials and links on third-party sites and platforms. It performs the function of PR and SEO promotion, which, among other things, requires external links.

Advantages of affiliate programs for online casino promotion:

  • guarantee of return on investment. Affiliate program contractors receive money for results. These are conversions, sales, traffic. If the contractor does not bring customers, he does not receive a reward;
  • minimization of risks. The actions of the performer are limited by the TOR, in which the advertiser prescribes the requirements for the audience involved (gender, age, interests). You can also describe what can and cannot be used in promotion.

You will be able to achieve maximum efficiency if at the start you involve several performers, and after a while you will choose the most effective one. Read more about affiliate programs in the article “What is traffic arbitrage?”

Promotion of online casinos in social networks

SMM is one of the most effective channels of online casino promotion. Social networks have many advantages:

  • a target audience of millions. She gathered on Instagram and Facebook with one purpose – to have fun. It is easy to sell online casino services there under the guise of another source of enjoyment;
  • constant contact with subscribers – the average Internet user under the age of 29 spends more than 3 hours a day in social networks;
  • targeting – the option to show ads to a specific audience according to the specified parameters;
  • the opportunity to cooperate with bloggers – authoritative persons whom people trust.

To promote an online casino in social networks, you need an SMM specialist. What will he/she do? Make a promotion plan, maintain a business account and launch targeted advertising.

contextual advertising

Contextual ads are ads that are shown on the Internet to potential customers. Google sets strict requirements for online casino advertising. In particular, the text of the ad must comply with local legislation and be shown only in certain countries to persons over 18 years old.

It is necessary to approach the preparation of contextual ads carefully. On the one hand, the headline should be bright and daring, on the other hand, it should not violate the law. Promotion of a gaming site is a complicated matter. You have to balance on the edge and it is better to entrust it to a specialist. The game is worth the candle – contextual advertising leads customers instantly.

CRM system

To get more from the Marketing strategy, it is better to know your audience. To do this, a CRM system is “bolted” to the site, which collects and structures data about visitors. With its help you can:

  • automate work with popular customer requests;
  • create and segment the base;
  • speed up the service;
  • to position the audience yourself;
  • to control the work of employees of the institution.

The most popular CRM systems are SendPulse, KeyCRM, Corezoid, Salesforce. If used correctly, these programs can increase profits up to 40-50%. With CRM, casino website promotion becomes easier.

Email marketing

Email is another way to communicate with customers. With the help of email marketing, you can promptly inform about new bonuses and programs, give gifts and encourage visitors to return to online casinos in every possible way.

To use this method of promotion, you need to collect a customer base. This can be done using a CRM system, pop-ups, landing pages, and contextual advertising. Since users are not always willing to share contacts, they are stimulated by promises (for example, receiving bonus coins and chips).

Loyalty programs

To increase the loyalty of the audience and increase the time spent on the site, special marketing techniques are used. For online casinos, it can be:

  • access to VIP tournaments;
  • additional bonuses for replenishing a virtual account;
  • free spins;
  • individual limits.

Progressive jackpots are often drawn.

Non-standard ways to promote the online casino industry

We share non-obvious ways of promotion that have repeatedly shown their effectiveness in promoting online casinos:

  • cooperate with thematic exhibitions and online conferences. Arrange to place an active link to the site in a prominent place;
  • use business tools of social networks to track the actions of competitors. This will allow you to identify the most effective tools that can be used in your own business strategy;
  • adapt the website to the mobile format. More and more users surf the Internet via smartphones;
  • take advantage of seasonal marketing – promote your website hard during quarantines and holidays when the target audience has free time.

Plunging into the world of online casinos, customers want to be sure that everything is legal. Upload the license and other official documents to the website to increase the loyalty of the audience.


Promotion of a casino is a long and multi-stage process that requires knowledge of legislative norms. The best way to guarantee a guaranteed return on investment in advertising is to contact specialists. Digital agency has experience in working with projects in the gambling industry niche. To find out how much it costs to promote gambling websites, click here.